CBE 30 crusher bucket in Estonia

CBE 30 crusher bucket in Estonia
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on 10/03/2022
A company near Tallin (Estonia), aircrete (autoclaved aerated concrete) producer, needed a system for crushing waste and non-compliant products deriving from the production chain. The aircrete blocks that do not pass the quality control tests are usually stored in the company's external warehouse, waiting to be disposed of.
Our dealer in the Baltics, Baltem AS, thus provided the customer with a CBE 30 crusher bucket, to be able to independently carry out the crushing of the aggregates, directly on site, without having to outsource the processes. The advantages are evident both in handling and disposal, and in the recovery of the product itself. The CBE 30 bucket guarantees an ideal output size (0-70 mm) for reintroducing the concrete into the production chain. The crushed material is thus immediately reused for the creation of new aerated concrete blocks. Even the material that does not pass the quality control therefore has the possibility of being recovered and transformed, in line with a responsible and circular management of construction and demolition waste (CDW).
The exceptional cutting force that distinguishes the CBE crusher bucket range makes them particularly effective on concrete and demolition materials. To be considered as real mobile crushers, the CBE are versatile equipment, which allow to operate in limited spaces combining the transport capacity of the traditional bucket with the pulverizing force of the crusher. Available in 5 models for excavators from 8 to 55 tons, the Simex CBE crushing buckets can be equipped, on request, with tools of different measures to vary the output size of the crushed material.
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