Crushing demolition waste with a Simex CB 1200

Crushing demolition waste with a Simex CB 1200
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on 21.04.2022
The Imola-based construction company Brienza Aurelio has a crushing bucket for compact loaders Simex CB 1200, sold by the Romagna Macchine Service dealer from Forlì. We visited one of its construction sites to understand how it is exploited and what advantages it brings to the recovery of demolition aggregates.
We are in the municipality of Dozza, in the province of Bologna. Following the demolition of a farmhouse, the company found itself having to dispose of huge quantities of bricks, concrete and stones. The CB 1200 crusher bucket is equipped with a rotor system with 6 blades, for a total load capacity of 0.45 m³. The high power released by the hydraulic motors in direct drive with the drum guarantees great performance in the presence of demolition waste, volumetrically reducing the aggregates to a size of 0-70 mm. The bucket emptying cycle was less than one minute and the output size is ideal for the subsequent reuse on site in the construction of the perimeter screeds of the new building, which will rise in place of the demolished one.
The advantages of the on-site crushing are evident: on the one hand, the net savings for raw materials supply, on the other hand the significant reduction in the disposal costs of demolition waste.
The Simex CB crusher buckets for skid steers and loaders are ideal for operating in those sites where, due to space constraints or technical requirements, other machines would not be able to work, allowing to crush different types of materials such as reinforced concrete, bricks, wood, plasterboard and other aggregates resulting from demolition or construction.
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